Sunnfjord - the fishing adventure high spot in Norway

Sunnfjord is one of the best all round fishing spots in Norway. Here is one of our best offers. Go with me for fishing salmon in one of the best rivers in the fjord district and to the best brown trout river with catch guaranty in Europe.

Fishing tours in Sunnfjord 2017

Full day excursion with professional fishing guide in Europe’s richest watercourse for trout, - the Jölstra river, the Jölstra lake and mountain lakes at the foot of the glacier Jostedalsbreen. Price per person NOK 900,- at a minimum of 2 persons. The price includes fishinglicense, use of waders, life vest and all other necessary equipment. You will also learn how to clean and fillet the fish – ready to panfry. Cach warranty.

Alta River - Registration will be opened the 2nd of January

The registration will be opened the 2nd of January 2017 and the registration deadline is January 31. 2017.
Please read the application rules in this article and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the registration page.

Trout and salmon fishing in Western Norway

Fishing tours with a tour guide for trout, sea trout and salmon in rivers and lakes or from a fishing boat following the big fish hunting out at sea.
If you don't have fishing equipment with you, we will gear you up with wading pants, inflatable life vests and fishing licenses, a rod and line and everything an angler needs to meet the fish on the Norwegian West Coast.


Exclusive fishing for ordinary people

Lakselva in Porsanger Finnmark, is one of our most favorite salmon rivers in 2012.
Being good for an annual catch of over 1000 salmons with an average weight of 5,7 kilo and totaling almost 8000 kilos, this is the place where you have the biggest chance to catch your trophy salmon. With a limited sale of fishing permits and a lot of big fishes, this river stands for exclusive salmon fishing for ordinary people.
Lakselv Landowner Society sells 10 day permits for each of the 4 salmon zones. In addition you can buy permits for for the sea zoneand zone 5, or you can rent a pool directly from one of the private landsowners witch is not member of Lakselv Landowner Society. In addition to the permits that are selling for the sea zones and zone 5, some of private landowners sell directly to anglers.
Home site in English ...More
Reisa River / Reisaelva

The big salmon re-established in Reisa!

Reisa is re-merging as one of Norway’s most attractive rivers for big salmon. Wrapped up in abundant mountain vegetation, and with more than 40 waterfalls, the river is now developed into a tourist magnet wrapped in gold. The official 5,7 ton catch record for salmon only in 2006, is a five times rise in two years.
The success appears to be continuing. In 2007, when the general fishing in Norway was very bad in most rivers, Reisa managed to keep up its catch record from previous years, ending at 5 ton! The small salmon was absent, but this was more than compensated by an increased catch of big salmon. Most of the salmon landed on premiere night, was between 8-18 kg. Especially local fishermen who can fish the river regularly may experience incredible catching. In the 2006 season, one of the locals caught 59 salmons, 50 sea trout and char. In the 2007 season, several fishermen could report catching in the scale of 40-50 salmons, 20-30 sea trout, and 10-15 arctic char. ...More

Bring your rifle, and rod, hunting for char in Lake Vårflusjøen

Svalbard is fishable all year around, but the best sea char fishing with spinners and flies takes place in August. Permits sold at the local caretaker office, Sysselmannen. ...More
Repparfjordelva / Repparfjord River 2010

The Monster Salmon of Repparfjord River, cruising the surface at dusk

With its Monster Salmon, and its highly vibrant population of big salmon, the Repparfjord River is on Fishing Norway’s top 20 list amongst highly recommendable rivers in Norway. “Have we seen the Monster Salmon?” Mr. Hans Mathias Ellingsen from Hammerfest is reluctant to answer. The Repparfjord River is his paradise. He has been fishing her for 30 years, and has landed 11 salmons up to 5 kg this summer. ...More
Laggo / Langfjordelva

The arctic salmon paradise for fly fishers

Langfjordelva, or Laggo as it is also called, is a true paradise for sporting anglers, and especially for those inclined to single rod fly fishing. The river has 20 km nice variation of surface and stream quality, ranging from smooth flat to rapid whites, regularly broken down by profound ponds exhibiting exhilarating inlet and outlet possibilities for both dry and wet fly fishing. It is all set towards a splendid scenery of arctic nature bathed in midnight sunlight. Merely walking along this beautiful river is worth the trip. For the wildlife enthusiast, a variety of animals and birds might be seen alongside the river, ranging from bear to exotic arctic falcons. Please reuse established camping sites and fireplaces, to protect the fragile arctic nature. The Laggo river scenery invites for plenty social relations with good friends and the friendly local river guards. ...More

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