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county: Finnmark -- municipality: Alta

Shirley Deterding from England with her 40 lbs Salmon
Salmon and sea trout: 01.06 - 31.08
Sea trout only: 01.09 - 15.09 in lower parts of the river.
Alta River is one of the best giant Salmon rivers in Norway, and one of the best rivers for atlantic salmon in the world.All the licenses are sold through a lottery. Kjell Wilhelmsen and his salmon adventure.
Kjell Wilhelmsen and his salmon adventure.
Alta Laksefiskeri Interessentskap (ALI) holds all to the rights to fishing in the Alta River.
The fishing season is from June 01 to August 31.
From Sept. 01 to Sept. 15 you can fish for sea trout only, in the lower parts of the river. From June 01 to June 23 an unlimited number of fishing licenses are sold to residents of Alta. People from outside Alta may buy licenses for a set amount of days, by applying to ALI. There are only a limited number of licenses in this category.
Between June 23 and August 31, the fishing is restricted.
There are two types of licenses, ie “exclusive” licenses (expensive), and ones for a set amount of days: one or two days in June and July, and three to six days in August.
All the licenses are sold through a lottery. There is one lottery for the locals and another one for people from outside the Alta region. People who wish to enter the lottery must pay a fee, which, for the 2009 lottery is NOKr. 400 pr. person. These money are not paid back.
Under \\\"utenbygsfiske\\\" you find details about the bank account you can use. You also find the prices for the licenses.
Normally less than 10% of the people participating in the lottery get the opportunity to buy a license each year. We sell licenses to 80 persons and everyone gets at least 2 days fishing.
If you want to enter the lottery you have to pay NOK 400 to this account: IBAN: No764901 1301095 Swiftadr. SNOWNO22, before 1st February 2009. You can send us the name and the address on email. If you want to have others in the lottery, the cost is nokr 400 pr. person and we need everybodys name and address.
The exclusive fishing rights are sold to five syndicates. These syndicates have their own rules for how to become a member


: 2007: 761 grils,282 medium seize and 997 big salmon above 7 kg, total 2040 salmon at 13194 kg. 3177 sa trout at 3087 kg

2008: 28156 kg salmon and 3456 kg sea trout. Details: 2317 salmon above 4 kg at 25085 kg, 1362 salmon beow 4 kg at 3071 kg and 3738 sea trout. The biggest salmon 26,9 kg. 36 salmon weight more than 20 kg.

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