Sunnfjord - the fishing adventure high spot in Norway

Sunnfjord is one of the best all round fishing spots in Norway. Here is one of our best offers. Go with me for fishing salmon in one of the best rivers in the fjord district and to the best brown trout river with catch guaranty in Europe.

Fishing tours in Sunnfjord 2017

Full day excursion with professional fishing guide in Europe’s richest watercourse for trout, - the Jölstra river, the Jölstra lake and mountain lakes at the foot of the glacier Jostedalsbreen. Price per person NOK 900,- at a minimum of 2 persons. The price includes fishinglicense, use of waders, life vest and all other necessary equipment. You will also learn how to clean and fillet the fish – ready to panfry. Cach warranty.

Alta River - Registration will be opened the 2nd of January

The registration will be opened the 2nd of January 2017 and the registration deadline is January 31. 2017.
Please read the application rules in this article and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the registration page.

Trout and salmon fishing in Western Norway

Fishing tours with a tour guide for trout, sea trout and salmon in rivers and lakes or from a fishing boat following the big fish hunting out at sea.
If you don't have fishing equipment with you, we will gear you up with wading pants, inflatable life vests and fishing licenses, a rod and line and everything an angler needs to meet the fish on the Norwegian West Coast.

county: Finnmark -- municipality: Porsanger

30 lbs Salmon catched and released.
Wild salmon and sea trout: 01.06-31.08
Arctic char protected
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Exclusive fishing for ordinary people

Lakselva in Porsanger Finnmark, is one of our most favorite salmon rivers in 2012.
Being good for an annual catch of over 1000 salmons with an average weight of 5,7 kilo and totaling almost 8000 kilos, this is the place where you have the biggest chance to catch your trophy salmon. With a limited sale of fishing permits and a lot of big fishes, this river stands for exclusive salmon fishing for ordinary people.
Lakselv Landowner Society sells 10 day permits for each of the 4 salmon zones. In addition you can buy permits for for the sea zoneand zone 5, or you can rent a pool directly from one of the private landsowners witch is not member of Lakselv Landowner Society. In addition to the permits that are selling for the sea zones and zone 5, some of private landowners sell directly to anglers.
Home site in EnglishGjermund Thomassen, Salmon 16,5 kilos..2008.
Gjermund Thomassen, Salmon 16,5 kilos..2008.

Internet booking!

Fishing-Norway.com recommends the Landowner Society permits, which will be for sale on the net in March2012, www.lakselva.no. It’s not a lottery. You straightforward order the available spots and pay with your visa card on the internet. We have a lot of visitors, so we recommend to check our website on a daily basis as of March 1st, just to be sure you will get your fishing permit. With a limitation of about 60 spots along this wide riverbank, the salmon fishing in Lakselva must be considered exclusive, daily leader Gudmund Nygaard says. The best time for fishing is July, but there’s a considerable chance for a great catch in the period from mid-June until the end of August as well.

A rental car is necessary

Gudmund Nygaard

After ensuring you’ll have a fishing permit, you should immediately contact Gudmund Nygaard, who is willing to help getting a place to stay and renting a car. A car is necessary, and not at the least to be able to have a glance at the other 4 salmon rivers you’ll find within a 1 hour driving distance. For those rivers a permit is easier to get. For the rest, we refer to the adds. There you’ll find all of the information you need to have a wonderful fishing holiday in Finnmark Lakselva

Big and many kind of fish

Hardly any other Norwegian river has got that many and such big fishes as Lakselva. There are numerous huge salmons, many of them weighing between 20 and 30 kilos. The biggest one that was caught in 2008 weighed 23,2 kilos and was caught by Nils Iversen Utsi on a Copperbrown Crocedile spoon. Together with 2 other salmons of 15,5 and 13,3 kilos, he had reached his yearquotum and had to stop fishing in 2008. Nevertheless his season was still adventurous. He has released many salmons under 13 kilos, and has to laugh at all the fuss and soaking wet clothes he has had while unhooking the fishes and releasing them back in the river in the most cautious way possible.

Record season 2008: 8000 kilos Salmon

This year’s catch in Lakselva was over 1000 salmons with an average weight of 5,7 kilo and totaling almost 8000 kilos. That’s 1500 kilos more than in the record year 2007. And there’s still enough salmon left to ensure the population. While the target for sexually mature fish is set at 3,5 tons, almost 5 tons of sexually mature female salmons were registered in the river after the fishing peak, autumn 2008.

Norwegian record for arctic char

The sea trout in Lakselva also can become very big. There ’s caught sea trout up to 12 kilos. Furthermore, Per Somby and Lakselva possess the Norwegian record for arctic charr with 2,6 kilos. In the meantime arctic char is protected to maintain the rest of this unique population. Grayling was caught up to 2,5 kilos, pike of 10 kilos. For many, Lakselva is the world’s best fishing place, and especially fly-fishermen are comming over here to catch their dream salmon. Arild Hansen and Reidar Sandslett. Photo: Eivind Fossheim
Arild Hansen and Reidar Sandslett. Photo: Eivind Fossheim

Fly-fishing for brown trout and grayling

Are you out after huge brown trout and sea trout between 2 and 6 kilos, then we recommend the estuary of the Nedrevann. In the Ovrevann and Nedrevann you can experience the ultimate of fly-fishing for a half meter long grayling of 2 kilo and a pike up to 15 kilo. Not to mention the possibility of catching houting and char. As you understand, Lakselva is stuffed with many sorts of fish. You never know what will be on your hook.

The dream catch

Arild Hansen from Lakselv is one of the many anglers that have experienced a dream catch in the Lakselva in Porsanger. Fishguide met him and his fellow anglers at the riverside near the national trunk road bridge.
- Now I will have problems in the freezer, he says with shimmering eyes to his angling buddy, Reidar Sandslett, after landing his 5th big salmon of over 10 kilos. This year’s 18th salmon.
- Blue Charm with hook nr 6 is the favorite fly, but he often falls back to a darker lure when clay is flowing from the river banks and the color of the water turns grey. Odd Johansen then prefers a hairy edition of Jock Scott, bonded as a trout fly.
Arild Hansen doesn’t go over the same whirlpool twice if nothing happens. Hansen believes the worst time to go fishing is in the afternoon and from midnight until the early morning.

The river is navigable by boat

The river flows into Vesterbotn, a side arm of the Porsangerfjord. You can navigate by boat on most of fishing spots, and from both sides of the road it is easy to reach the lower parts of the river.
From the estuary up 5 km, the river flows softly over clay and sand bottom, and near Stangnes, somewhat 7-8 km up in the valley, there are often clay avalanches which turn the river grey.
Moving up from Stangnes the river becomes wilder with rough rubble and stones and fine spawning grounds and fishing spots, all the way up to Nedrevann, 22 km from the estuary.
The side river Vouddojohka flows into Lakselva below Nedrevann. Because it has some glacier water, the salmon will not go up there. Sea trout on the other hand does go up there, and for sure arctic charr as well.
Nedrevann (5 km²) takes in the side river Vuallajohka and here the salmon goes up about 7 km until they end up by the Gjaer falls, between Upper and Lower Luobbal. The river has minor rapids and nice whirlpools with rubble and rock bottom and fine spawning grounds and fishing spots.
From Nedrevann the salmon can wander along the 3 km long river banks ending up in Guotka with its good fishingspots, up til Øvrevann.
From Øvrevann, the salmon continuous upwards along the calm spots until the merge of Luostejohka from Gaggajavrre and Fielbmajohka.
In Luostejohka there is 1 km left until Luostejohkfalls (Lailafalls). This is where the salmon stops.

In the main watercourse , Fielbma, the salmon swims up in the Rastiluobbal.
Along the 5 km long river bank from Øvrevann to Rastluobbal, the river runs quietly without any particular good spawn grounds or fishing spots. At the river source in Rastiluobbal on the other hand, there are good spawn grounds and fishing spots and the salmon can go up here for 4 km in the Chajohka and a little bit in the Savnjajohka up to the Savnja falls, 32 km away from the sea. In both rivers it stream heavily and they have big rocks. The salmon arrives there rather late, but as of St. Hans they are there, and the best fishing will happen in the middle of July.


1995: 4572 kg Salmon,7) and 357 kg sea trout/arctic char (0,8)
1996: 3240 kg salmon (5,5) and 295 kg trout/arctic char (0,8)
1997: 1687 kg salmon (4) and 450 kg sea trout/arctic char Details of the catch in 1997: 424 salmon totaling 1687 kg, 425 sea trout totaling 296 kg and 215 arctic char totaling 154 kg
1998: 2578 kg salmon (3,6) and 348 kg sea trout/arctic char (0,7)
1999: 2945 kg salmon (4,8) and 354 kg sea trout/arctic char (1)
2000: 4709 kilo salmon (4,8!) and 669 kilo sea trout/arctic char (0,8) The biggest salmon weighed 21 kilo.
2001: 5692 kilo salmon (4,8) and 572 kilo sea trout and 57 kilo arctic char
2002: 3108 kilo salmon (5) and 417 kilo sea trout/ arctic char (0,8)
2003: 985 salmon totaling 4958 kilo, 789 sea trout totaling 764,1 kilo and 91 arctic char totaling 70,9 kilo.
2004: 763 salmon totaling 3463 kilo, 718 sea trout totaling 600,5 kilo and 100 arctic char totaling 70,2 kilo
2005: 5582 kilo salmon (4,7) and 622 kilo sea trout/arctic char ( 0,7)
2006: 1089 salmon totaling 4435 kilo and 212 sea trout totaling 277 kilo.
2007: 561 small salmon, 235 average salmon and 431 big salmon, totaling 1227 salmon totaling 6664 kilo, 463 sea trout totaling 568 kilo and 43 arctic char totaling 36 kilo.
2013; It was released a total of 3190,3 kilos of a total catch of 7611,9 kilos this season. This gives a total release rate of 41,9 % and a new release record. It is extra nice to see the fishermen taking precaution in a season slower than what we've got used to over the last 2-3 seasons.

Local caretaker of fishery in county Finnmark:

PO BOX 133
9811 Vadsø,
Phone +47 09975

Local deputy of fishery (Except for river Tana and River Alta, and the border rivers, which are the jurisdiction of the county representative):

Mr. Steinar Christensen,
Phone +47 09975 / +47 90503329

Deputy of fishery:

Mr. Harald Muladal
Phone + 47 78 95 03 63 / + 47 97 52 67 04

Fiskeforvalter Morten Johansen
( spes.Tanavassdraget),
tel + 47 789 50360 ,

Fishery caretaker for Lakselva:
Lakselv Grunneierforening,

Mr.Gudmund Nygaard,
Postbox 257
9711 Lakselv
Phone + 47 94 17 84 28 / + 47 93 86 67 17

Accommodations /Lodging:

Olderfjord Hotel Russenes Camping AS
9713 Russenes
Tlf: + 47 78 46 37 11

Best Western Lakselv Hotell
9700 Lakselv
Tlf: + 47 78 46 54 00

Bungalåven Vertshus Venke Risbruna
9716 Børselv
Tlf: 78 46 48 01

Lakselv Gjestestue
9700 Lakselv
Tlf: + 47 78 46 15 04

Porsanger Vertshus
9700 Lakselv
Tlf: + 47 78 46 13 77

Skoganvarre Turist og Camping AS
9722 Skoganvarre
Tlf: + 47 78 46 48 46

Stabbursdalen Camping
9710 Indre Billefjord
Tlf: + 47 78 46 47 60

Solstad Camping
9700 Lakselv Tlf + 47 78 46 14 04

Lakselv Bruktbilutleie
Avis Bilutleie
Tel: + 47 917 71 440

Hertz Bilutleie
Tel: + 47 78 46 17 80

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