Sunnfjord - the fishing adventure high spot in Norway

Sunnfjord is one of the best all round fishing spots in Norway. Here is one of our best offers. Go with me for fishing salmon in one of the best rivers in the fjord district and to the best brown trout river with catch guaranty in Europe.

Fishing tours in Sunnfjord 2017

Full day excursion with professional fishing guide in Europe’s richest watercourse for trout, - the Jölstra river, the Jölstra lake and mountain lakes at the foot of the glacier Jostedalsbreen. Price per person NOK 900,- at a minimum of 2 persons. The price includes fishinglicense, use of waders, life vest and all other necessary equipment. You will also learn how to clean and fillet the fish – ready to panfry. Cach warranty.

Alta River - Registration will be opened the 2nd of January

The registration will be opened the 2nd of January 2017 and the registration deadline is January 31. 2017.
Please read the application rules in this article and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the registration page.

Trout and salmon fishing in Western Norway

Fishing tours with a tour guide for trout, sea trout and salmon in rivers and lakes or from a fishing boat following the big fish hunting out at sea.
If you don't have fishing equipment with you, we will gear you up with wading pants, inflatable life vests and fishing licenses, a rod and line and everything an angler needs to meet the fish on the Norwegian West Coast.

county: Buskerud -- municipality: Hemsedal

Mr. Leif Johansen
01.06 - 15.09

Weather forecast for Hemsila

The river of your dreams

River Hemsila is part of Fishing Norway’s top 5 list on fly-fishing rivers for mountain trout. Crystal clear, and gently flowing, speckled with a few class one rapids, it is making its way down the beautiful valley tacked in spruce shores between mountains drizzling with waterfalls.
Even with a single hand rod, you are able to reach any big fish rise that may occur in front of you. Using long razor thin leaders you will make perfect presentations to the huge golden brown trout out there in the current. For a split second you will chill to the bone at the strike, before the pool explodes in violent turmoil, and the squeaking of your reel fills the air. The Hemsila trout is a wild bread, making uncontrollable runs and leaps. Running big trout on such fine gear is a challenge indeed, so keep you focus, for the line may snatch at any moment. Peter and his son Tommy Blom
Peter and his son Tommy Blom

Midsummer evening and forward is the best fishing period

It is mid summer. The river is flooding on melt water. Mr Leif Johansen from Sandefjord is seated at the river bank, waiting for the Aurivelli May Fly to hatch. So far he is using a size 16 May Fly home creation at the tip of his 0,14 leader.
Mr Leif Johansen is fishing several locations. He hunts the huge grayling in River Rena. He likes River Glomma too, and River Hallingdalselva, on the stretch from Gol to Nesbyen City. The location called Svenkerud is a great trout spot, but most of all he likes fishing River Hemsila. (630 meters above sea level).
He grants himself a 14 days vacation and enjoys the days to the full. A couple of years ago he landed a 4 kg trout on fly on a further upstream location. Probably it is still lurking around, since he released it. The trout he caught earlier today was 46 cm long. It was probably above the kg mark. No bad feelings upon releasing it he says.

The flies need perfect presentation!

Mr. Leif Johansen spent some time mastering the river. It is not a river for rookies. You simply can’t wade or throw anywhere in this river. The trout is extremely shy. You need to pull all your best tricks in order to lure the trout. Perfect presentation is essential.
First timers are often frustrated on all the fish rising, but seemingly are unwilling to take your fly. But wait until the Aurivelli starts hatching, then you will see a real feeding frenzy. The fish will splash and leap as they are competing for the insects. And once it strikes your gear, it will stay more above water then below. Then you really have to know what you are doing!
There is a one trout bag limit in Hemsila River. And only fish between 25-40 cm may be kept. The 46èr he got was therefore in need of its freedom. No bad feelings, Mr. Johansen claims with a smile.

600 gr mountain trout on the fist visit to River Hemsila

Peter and his son Tommy Blom, has come all the way from Vesterås. They are in Hemsila River for the first time. As most first timers, they are drawn to the famous spot called Låvene (or “Turisten”, as the place is also called). The spot is easily seen from the interstate road. There are always cars located at the river outlet.
They were tipped of by a friend. They already caught 5-6 trout during their 3 day stay. Peter got the biggest one so far, a nice specimen at 600gr. It was released with pleasure. Maybe I will see him again later, when he is twice the size, Tommy is dreaming, as he eagerly scouts the surface for clues. Tommy Blom med tørrfluestanga
Tommy Blom med tørrfluestanga

When is the Hemsila hatching period?

Leptophlebia Marginata 15`th of May – 15`th of June.
Baetis Rhodani 05`th of June- 30`th of June.
Ephemerella Aurivillii 20`th of June – 20`th of July
Ephemerella Ignita 10`th of July – 30`th of July
Siphlonurus Lacustris 10`th of June – 30`th of June.
Small Baetis (vernus, scampus, niger, muticus, subalpinus) 30`th of June- 15`th of September.
Light Caddis size 14-18, 20`th of June- 01`st of August.
Gnat size 12-20, black, brown and olive: All season.

River Hemsila is a Money machine!

3000 trout of 3 summer’s age, are annually released into the river, except in the fly-fishing zone, which is self sustainable. Hemsila is a money machine, passing a million NOK in permit sales. Half of this is brought back to the cultivation process of the river. Paying for guards, hatching lakes, cultivation work, putting up signs, clearing tracks and marketing info.

Release big fish!

The fish doesn’t start growing for real before it reaches 500 gr. From that point it will gain 200gr annually. The trout in Hemsila averages at 300-900gr, but the river also holds a substantial population of big trout around 900-1500gr. The Hemsila trout is feeding on fish, and is therefore regulating the population itself. All caretakers of Norwegian Trout Rivers should take lesson from Hemsila. If a good and attractive river is to be developed, one needs to release big fish, and cultivate for size, to supplement the natural growth, in order to establish a stem of big fish to dominate the river.

Rules and Regulations

A day last from 07.00-01.00am.
Each angler may keep 3 trout pr. day. Once the third fish is kept, the fishing is to cease until next day.

Special regulations for the fly zone

Knot-free nets are obligatory. To avoid counter-fishing, idiotic wading, and unnecessary stress to the fish, there are restrictions to the fishing from the west side of Jugerbenken, from the west side of Hjelmen and Myteslåtta, and from the west side of the west canal, and on the road side of the east canal. Fishing is also prohibited on the road side of the river on the stretches from Ulsåk to Jordheim, and on the roadside in Storfiskhølen Pool.
Fishing with bait and spoon in the fly zone is prohibited. However children are allowed to use bait and spoon, but not after 20`th of August. Fishing with fly from quill or floater is allowed. On the stretch from Sirkuset to Eikredammen, live baiting is allowed from the 15`th of July in order to reduce the population of smaller trout. All fish smaller than 33 cm is to be kept on this fishing.Each angler may keep 1 trout pr. day.

Fly fishing package

The famous fisherman Mr. Tor Grøthe, offers a week fishing package solution, including accommodation in comfortable cabins on Grøthe Farm. The package include 24 hours of guiding (6 hrs x 4 trips.) and a week fishing permit on the fly zone. Total 6200NOK pr. person. In week 24-29. During week 30-33 the price is 5200NOk pr. person pr. week. Mr Grøthe is of the opinion that the optimal period for fly fishing in Hemsila is from the middle of June to the end of July.

Fishing Administration:

Deputy Caretaker.
. Mr. Erik Garnås, phone + 47 99 54 77 99 / + 47 32 06 20 66


Excluding the fly zone, between 1`st of June – 15`th of September.
NOK 60 for 2 hrs. NOK 100 for 5 hrs. NOK 200 for 2 days. NOK 350 for a week. NOK 650 for season permit.

Differentiated pricing for the fly zone:

From 1`st of June to 14`th of July. NOK 700 for 2 days. NOK 1300 for one week. NOK 2600 for season permits.
From 15`th of July to 15`th of September. NOK 400 for 2 days. NOK 700 for a week. NOK 1400 for season permit.

Remaining periods and zones:

NOK 100 for 2 days. NOK 200 for a week. NOK 500 for season. NOK 200 for 2 days included the fly zone. NOK 400 for a week included the fly zone. NOK 1000 for season included the fly zone.

In addition Hemsedal fishing association also sells permits to 4 other rivers and 18 lakes. Huge amounts of trout are released annually as part of the highly professional cultivation program for the region. There are also permits for private lakes to be obtained, and also boat rentals and guiding is easily available.

Hemsedal Tourist Office,

Phn + 47 32 05 50 30

Hemsedal Booking,

Phn + 47 32 05 50 60

Hemsedal Hytte- og Feriepark AS

N-3560 Hemsedal
Tel: + 47 32 06 20 40
Hemsedal Hytte og Feriepark

Grøthe Gård,

N-3560 Hemsedal,
Phn + 47 99 54 77 99 / + 47 32 06 20 66

Plenty of fishing opportunities in Hemsedal

Fishing Hemsedal, with Hemsila river and Grøndøla River offers unique opportunities in many rivers and lakes. The public permit includes 18 mountain lakes and 4 rivers. In the information brochure form Hemsedal fishing association you get all the info you need and a map of all locations.

Guided fishing

Fishing Norway strongly recommends that You hire a guide on Your fist visit. Or You might be disappointed. The guide will bring You to lakes and rivers. And most of all it is crucial to get local info on the spots and methods for the fly zone in Hemsila River. The price is NOK400 pr .person for a 3 hrs trip, minimum 2 persons, and max 4.
For booking of Guides:
Hemsedal Tourist office. Phn +47 32 05 50 30. The fly fishing association ”Friends Of Auriivillii” has Nordic champions as guides so You are assured of the best advice money can buy.

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