Sunnfjord - the fishing adventure high spot in Norway

Sunnfjord is one of the best all round fishing spots in Norway. Here is one of our best offers. Go with me for fishing salmon in one of the best rivers in the fjord district and to the best brown trout river with catch guaranty in Europe.

Fishing tours in Sunnfjord 2017

Full day excursion with professional fishing guide in Europe’s richest watercourse for trout, - the Jölstra river, the Jölstra lake and mountain lakes at the foot of the glacier Jostedalsbreen. Price per person NOK 900,- at a minimum of 2 persons. The price includes fishinglicense, use of waders, life vest and all other necessary equipment. You will also learn how to clean and fillet the fish – ready to panfry. Cach warranty.

Alta River - Registration will be opened the 2nd of January

The registration will be opened the 2nd of January 2017 and the registration deadline is January 31. 2017.
Please read the application rules in this article and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the registration page.

Trout and salmon fishing in Western Norway

Fishing tours with a tour guide for trout, sea trout and salmon in rivers and lakes or from a fishing boat following the big fish hunting out at sea.
If you don't have fishing equipment with you, we will gear you up with wading pants, inflatable life vests and fishing licenses, a rod and line and everything an angler needs to meet the fish on the Norwegian West Coast.

county: Finnmark -- municipality: Tana

The River Tana
The River Tana
Mr. Håkon Henriksen with his huge salmon. Photo Mr. Alf Helge Jensen.

Fishing period:

June 1`st – August 20`th. From the outlet, on the 4 km stretch to Langnes, rod fishing is not allowed before July 15`th. Fishing is closed from Sunday 18.00 to Monday 18.00( Norwegian time) except on the mentioned outlet zone to Langnes.

Permits cost:

NOK150 on shore fishing pr. day. NOK300 fishing from boat pr.day Additional daily permit for family members NOK40 (spouse, and children under 16 yrs.) Boat fishing require permit for the oarsman too.

Weather forecast for Tana River

The best Atlantic Salmon River in the world!

No other fishing location in the world, has as much Atlantic salmon as the whitewater stretch “Saidastrykene” from Tana Bridge to the big waterfall “Storfossen”. On average some 50 000 salmons pass this zone on their long wedding migration towards the tundra. Here is ample room for all. You live well, and you don’t need to be a millionaire. Permits are quite reasonable. Huge salmons are located close shore. You don’t need long range casting, but be prepared for some long range wandering once the salmons set off downstream! Maybe you will be as lucky as Mr. Håkon Henriksen was in 2006. His salmon weighed 26 kilos.

Alone with three rods in the boat

The huge fish struck the red wobbler in the rapids “Skipagurrastryket”, proximally where River Korselva enter the Tana River, Mr. Henriksen narrates.
He was alone in his river boat, and gaffed it himself after a dramatic fight. The salmon weighed 26 kilos and was 134 cm long, the biggest one caught in Norway in 2006. I was alone in the boat, using three rods, with big wobblers on each side, and a big fly on the middle rod. If you are well trained in boat trolling, this situation can be tackled just fine. In a minute, he had reeled in the empty rods, and then he could focus merely on the holding rod. It was quite significant wind from the side, and choppy waters further down, so I choose to go ashore to fight the fish from land.

Dramatic fight

The salmon was in charge of the situation! To begin with, the salmon controlled me, but gradually I got the upper hand on him, and dragged him towards dry land. But I was alone on shore as well, and with no one to help gaffing. I nailed “him” right in the head, but he twisted and rushed away with 100m line. But then suddenly he became very week. Wounded to the head, and with substantial blood loss, he agreed to be landed without further drama.

Your guide

Mr. Håkon Henriksen has fished River Tana since he was a nipper, and caught a lot of big salmons. Not to mention, he is also a bear hunter. If you ever plan to visit River Tana, please get in contact, and make a deal with Mr. Henriksen.( Phone +004778928739). He will bring you out in his boat and guide you through the rich waters of the “Skipagurra” rapids. He is fully equipped, but you are free to use your own gear in addition if you like. The usual price is 450 NOK pr.hour, but the best is to agree on some arrangement for a days guiding, combined on and off- shore together with Mr. Henriksen. After this you will be well fitted to continue on your own, knowing all the local secrets how to lure the Tana Salmons.

A Tibetan temple dog fly, ignited the huge salmon in River Tana!

The sight of the rusty Tibetan temple dog tube, trespassed the limits of what the huge salmon could tolerate. It rose from its dwelling, and placed its jaws in the exotic little animal. Furthermore it felt the pointed hook cutting into its tongue just as it was turning over to snap it’s pray. With all its force it started for the head side of the river, for there to make up its plot on how to get rid of its nasty little pray deep down there in the circling depths.
Mr. Leif Arne Zakariassen (46) had long ago erected his 16ft fly rod. The reel was screaming. Just half and hour prior, he had landed a solid salmon in Storfossen. Mr. Zakariassen knows Tana river well, he grew up along this fantastic river. And he has been fishing here since age 10. Today he lives and works in Tromsø, but as soon as the salmon is on the river in June, he heads off for his cabin in Sirma (20km above Storfossen”).
Mr. Zakariassen prefers to fish on shore. Alone. Just as he was doing this adventurous morning in August. With the powerful two hand rod bent to the max, he feels on top of the game. But the huge salmon out there in the rapid pools has its trick up the sleeve as well. Slowly it moves over to the deepest part of the river, on the Finish side, and then takes advantage of the heavy current there. Mr. Zakariassen let out line line like crazy, only to find himself reeling like crazy in again, to compensate as the salmon comes back towards him. But all the time it gradually moves downstream. Mr. Zakariassen follows. At first walking fast. Then running slowly. In between he must run like a wild horse to catch up on the backing line. When he finally gets to land the salmon, he is soaked in sweat, 1,5 kilometer below strike location.
He doesn’t know how long the fight lasted. And it doesn’t matter. Back in his cabin he gets to weigh the catch. The first one, 12kg, the last one 23 kg!

His favorite fly

Lif Arnes favorite fly

Mr. Zakariassen got the fly from the the Swedish fisher man Mr. Mikael Jansson, who tells the fly consist of a single red butt copper tube, a brown temple dog winge, and 3 straws peacock hurl and jungle cock siding. Mr. Jansson is available at Phone number +4790191453 or by email har@ikke.no

Storfossen Camping

Here is Mr. Zakariassens advice to anyone fishing in River Tana for the first time. Lodge at the fishing camp called Storfossen Camping. Here are quality cabins. It is clean and nice. The camp has a cozy and friendly atmosphere for sporting anglers. Start out fishing from shore, on both sides of the river above Tana Bridge. This is the rapids “Seidastrykene”. It is excellent fishing all the way to Storfossen waterfall.

The best salmon stretch in the world!

No other river in the world has as much Atlantic salmon as this river stretch. More than 50 000 salmons pass Tana bridge during summer. Some of them travel 800km into the Finnmarksvidda tundra. Just below the campsite and in the lower parts of Storfossen there are good fishing spots. And you don’t need to cast far. The salmons move close to shore. Put more emphasize on moving carefully, not to spook the salmons just in front of your feet. Be prepared to take to running once the salmons set off downstream the heavy currents. Mr. Zakariassen recommends heavy gear.


The Tana salmon is powerful and up sized, and the current throughout the river is heavy. Even though the rapids are popular locations, there is ample room for all. Considering the huge amounts of salmons passing here each summer, the chances of a catch is good for everyone trying.

The biggest Atlantic Salmon in the world, caught on rod!

As soon as the ice leaves, the first flakes of salmons are already heading upstream Tana River, aiming for Karasjohka River and

Fishing from boat

BoatIesjohka River. Unfortunately we can no longer meet the king of Storfossen, Mr. Martin Henriksen. After completing his 55 year as a salmon fisher and oarsman, he lay down his oars permanently 29.Des 2001.
All the lucky ones who learned to know this man will miss him, but his son Mr. Henry Henriksen keeps the tradition alive. He will arrange accommodations, boating and guiding, and will himself bring you to the extent it can be combined with the duties on the farm.
It was Henrys grandfather, the famous fisherman Mr. Henrik Henriksen, that in 1928 caught the largest Atlantic Salmon ever, right here in Storfossen. It was a staggering 35,890 kg. Not a bad idea to call Henry upon you first visits to river Tana. Few know the river better than him. (Phone +47 95176990). Call him and make a deal.

Best fishing from shore

Storfossen (Alakøngæs) is actually not a waterfall, but rather a long stretch of rapids, that only can be partially mastered by a few local oarsmen. The average fisherman, must stay on shore, but don’t let this discourage you. Upon high waters, the salmon will be pressed ashore finding shelter and hide in the ample pools, forcing its way up the rapids. It is from shore, you stand the best chance of catching the salmon of your dreams.

Short casts

Throw your wobbler 5-10m into the white water. When the current grabs hold, it will steep and present a perfect curve as it turns towards shore downstream. Leave the wobbler hanging in the stream for a while before pulling it out. Should the salmon be there, it will strike so hard, it will almost rip the rod out of your hands.
Landing the salmon in the middle of the rapids, is the next challenge. You have only two solutions basically. Either to brutalize the salmon directly, and gaff it head on, or you will take to your feet and run downstream to where the river flattens out before the campsite. The great pond Storhølen below the camp is one of the best spots in River Tana. Try some fly fishing when the high waters withdraw.

Good news for 2007

The annual catch rates on Norwegian side of River Tana, is very unstable, from 119 tons in 2000, to 47 tons in 2006. From the Finish side some higher rates are registered. In 2006, 15 tons more. Never the less, the average catch rate, last 30 years is 139 tons, from the Norwegian and Finish side combined. The prognosis of scientist, Mr. Martin Svennings, indicates some 165-170 tons will be caught season 2007. This is a 50 ton rise from previous season, which is uplifting news for any sporting angler.

Spoon fishing from shore is only allowed on following locations:

From the outlet to Langnes.
250 m stretch on the eastside of the river by Tana bridge.
Marked area in the upper rapids of Storfossen.
Ailestrykene Rapids up to Levajok mountain lodge.
From Matinkøngæs in River Anarjohka along the border in Anárjohka/Skiehccanjohka above Matinköngäs.
On these spoon fishing areas, fly and or floater and weight is allowed.
No boats must be anchored, or propelled whilst fishing. Fishing may only take place out of boat owned by person resident in the river valley. The boat must be registered and licensed by county deputy. Boat fishing require local oarsman that are permanent resident of the river valley and that are older than 16 yrs.
On the Norwegian side of the river, and from Storfossen at Bildanguoika to downside Boratbokca local oarsman is always required. On the border stretch in general local oarsman is required between hours 13.00-20.00.

Local caretaker of fishery in county Finnmark:

PO BOX 133
9811 Vadsø,
Phone +47 09975

Local deputy of fishery (Except for river Tana and River Alta, and the border rivers, which are the jurisdiction of the county representative):

Mr. Steinar Christensen,
Phone +47 09975 / +47 90503329

Deputy of fishery:

Mr. Harald Muladal
Phone + 47 78 95 03 63 / + 47 97 52 67 04

Fishery caretaker for River Tana:

Mr. Morten Johansen,
Phone +47 78950360,

Accommodations /Lodging:

Comfort Hotel,Tana
Phone + 47 78928198

Levajok Fjellstue,
N-9845 Tana
Phone +47 78928714

Levajok Villmarkstue A/S
N-9826 Sirma
Phone + 47 78 92 87 46

Storfossen Camping
N-9845 Tana
Phone +47 78928811

Tana Familiecamping
N-9845 Tana
Phone +4778928630

Tana Turisthotell
Phone + 47 78928198

Polakmoen Gjestegård
. Phone +47 78928990

Tana Vertshus A/S
N-9845 Tana
Phone + 47 78927052

Ildtoppen Restaurant og Overnatting A/S
N-9845 Tana
Phone + 47 78 92 52 30

Johnsens Gjestgiveri
N-9845 Tana
Phone +47 78927067

Jergul Asttu
Pb 111 Jergul
Phone + 47 78 46 91 01 / + 47 91 72 06 86
Historical and modern mountain lodge by River Iesjohka. Traditional Sami kitchen. Lavoo camp by char and trout lakes. Guided river boat trips, included fishing permits.


Located on Mountain Seidafjellet, with a nice view over the Tana river valley. Arrival along route E-6, 6,5 km from Tana in direction Kirkenes. Ample opportunities for field trips, hunting, fishing and berry harvest trips. No camping allowed. 1,3km to nearest grocery store. The cabin is isolated, kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and 6 beds. Sauna. No electricity, but solar panel provides 12V illumination and cooking is done on gas. Water supply out of creek proximally 70m from cabin.
Sølvie Mathisen
Vadsø Postkontor
Phone +47 78951145

Guided Adventure Trips to area closed for foreigners:

Norwegian Tundra Explorer
Norwegian Tundra Explorer offer a variety of fishing trips in Tana and surrounding areas. The Tundra plain “Laksefjordvidda” is one of the prime locations in the world for trout and char lake fishing. Judicial proprietary has licensed our company for bringing foreigners into remote areas. Trips include transportation, guiding to hot spots and established tent camps with accommodation. It is also possible to order trips without guiding, including transportation as far as legally marked trails permit. Trips include pre-marked lakes known to be plentiful of huge fish. We nevertheless recommend guided trips, with locals who know exactly where the best spots are.
At the end of a trip, we like to include a stay at “Ildtoppen”. After some days in the wilderness, one might enjoy the sauna, the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi of that location. Not to mention a nice dinner and a drink in the bar for those who desire so.


Norwegian Tundra Explorer recommends trips to Masjok, a merging river of Tana. But the company also facilitates trips to other merging rivers. The River Masjok is big enough for river boat transportation of gear and folks. They bring people into a camp located at one of the best spots in the river. Full accommodation and guiding available. Tailor-made trips can also be arranged.

Trout fishing in the outlet of Tana River

The outlet of River Tana is a popular spot for sea trout fishing. It is an adventure to experience this fishing when the midnight sun merely dips into the horizon. Fjord fishing may also be arranged.
Norwegian Tundra Explorer
9845 Tana
Phone +47 78 92 77 29 / +47 94 17 73 01
Norwegian Tundra Explorer

Tana fiske og jaktopplevelser A/S (Fishing and hunting adventures):

Offers salmon fishing in River Tana, on or off- shore, oarsmen and guides. Fishing camp near to good mountain lakes, if you dream of fishing big trout and char, we will guide you to our fishing paradise. Or we will bring you to the outlet of River Tana for great sea trout fishing, only from July15`th. Please ask for tailor made trips.
Phone >: + 47 99 09 50 22 / + 47 91 17 14 44 / 95 14 76

Nordlys Opplevelser A/S
Att. Mr. Amt Ove Andersen
Luossageaidnu 16
N-9845 Tana.
Phone >: + 47 789 28 894 / + 47 95 14 76 09

River boat trips through the Sami wilderness.Fishing, local food and hiking trips:

Tana River Boat Trips
. Phone + 47 78 92 89 32

Offers horseback trips, salmon fishing, river boat rentals, washing for gold and hunting:

Levajok Ride og Leirsenter.
Phone + 47 78 92 87 14

Sporting Accessories:

G-Sport Tana A/S
N-9845 Tana
Phone +47 78 92 80 82

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