Sunnfjord - the fishing adventure high spot in Norway

Sunnfjord is one of the best all round fishing spots in Norway. Here is one of our best offers. Go with me for fishing salmon in one of the best rivers in the fjord district and to the best brown trout river with catch guaranty in Europe.

Fishing tours in Sunnfjord 2017

Full day excursion with professional fishing guide in Europe’s richest watercourse for trout, - the Jölstra river, the Jölstra lake and mountain lakes at the foot of the glacier Jostedalsbreen. Price per person NOK 900,- at a minimum of 2 persons. The price includes fishinglicense, use of waders, life vest and all other necessary equipment. You will also learn how to clean and fillet the fish – ready to panfry. Cach warranty.

Alta River - Registration will be opened the 2nd of January

The registration will be opened the 2nd of January 2017 and the registration deadline is January 31. 2017.
Please read the application rules in this article and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the registration page.

Trout and salmon fishing in Western Norway

Fishing tours with a tour guide for trout, sea trout and salmon in rivers and lakes or from a fishing boat following the big fish hunting out at sea.
If you don't have fishing equipment with you, we will gear you up with wading pants, inflatable life vests and fishing licenses, a rod and line and everything an angler needs to meet the fish on the Norwegian West Coast.

county: Svalbard -- municipality: Svalbard


Bring your rifle, and rod, hunting for char in Lake Vårflusjøen

Svalbard is fishable all year around, but the best sea char fishing with spinners and flies takes place in August. Permits sold at the local caretaker office, Sysselmannen.

10 pound arctic sea char!

Svalbard is no ordinary location for a sporting angler. But if you have the experience and toughness for spending a week in tent in deserted polar regions, a fishing trip to Lake Vårflusjøen or any of the other four lakes on the north side of Spitsbergen, might constitute a major wildlife experience.

Midnight sun

In addition to the insight experience of Svalbard`s exotic arctic landscape where the sun never sets, you will enjoy the adventurous experience of catching10 pound sea char. But the trip is not an inexpensive one. Never the less, some adventurers prefer Svalbard over all other exotic destinations. Travelling in Svalbard, is not without its risks. So bring a rifle with you at all times, in case of polar bear attacks.

8 pound sea char on fly!

Environmental advisor Mr. Ian Gjertz, recommend Lake Vårflusjøen, which contain huge sea char. Yes, Mr. Petter Kaald, proclaims to Fishing-Norway that he singled handed brought up 25 sea chars in 6-7 hours. Most of which were caught on spinner in the outlet, the biggest one weighed in at 10 pound. Mr. Gøran Kjelling is supposed to have landed an 8 pound sea char in the same lake.

Please release all fish that is not supposed to be eaten at site

Fishing-Norway stress that all anglers that take the trip here, ought to perceive their fishing trip as part of a greater wildlife experience, and release all fish that can not be eaten at site. This is the rule on Greenland, and such should the rule be on Svalbard, taken into consideration the vulnerability of these areas.

Getting there

The best way of getting to Lake Vårflusjøen is to contact Spitsbergen travel, and get a seat at the old vessel “Nordstjernen”, either all the way from Tromsø or from Longyearbyen. You ask to be left ashore at one of the lakes on the north side of Spitsbergen, and arrange for pick up at a specific time the following week. Lake Vårflusjøen is mentioned. The four other lakes in this area are Richardvatnet, Gjøaneset, Pervatnet, and Disetvatnet.

Three kinds of char

Mr Gjertz tells three kinds of char are found on Svalbard. Arctic sea char, that migrates between the sea and the lakes. The second kind is a big species of char that feeds of other fish in the lakes. Finally you have the small char that feeds mostly of plankton and other lake primates.

5 lakes at the outmost point in the Ice Fjord

But there are lakes easier to reach. Mr. Gjerts mentions Lake Linevatnet, Lake Lovenvatnet, and lake Straumsjøen, that all are located in proximity to Longyearbyen (within 10 miles.) Also here you must use boat that can be rented from a tour operator at site in Svalbard. Lake Linevatnet, is a good lake for ice fishing, and can easily be reached by means of scooter during winter.


There are no restrictions on angling for sports. Fishing with rod and line is permitted all year around. However there are restrictions on fishing by net. Some new regulations are on the rise, but these will unlikely affect current rules regarding sports angling.

Openings, best fishing time

Ice fishing takes place from end of April, to early May. Angling with fly and spinner takes place when the sea char return to the lakes in August, Mr. Gjertz informs.

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