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Sunnfjord is one of the best all round fishing spots in Norway. Here is one of our best offers. Go with me for fishing salmon in one of the best rivers in the fjord district and to the best brown trout river with catch guaranty in Europe.

Fishing tours in Sunnfjord 2017

Full day excursion with professional fishing guide in Europe’s richest watercourse for trout, - the Jölstra river, the Jölstra lake and mountain lakes at the foot of the glacier Jostedalsbreen. Price per person NOK 900,- at a minimum of 2 persons. The price includes fishinglicense, use of waders, life vest and all other necessary equipment. You will also learn how to clean and fillet the fish – ready to panfry. Cach warranty.

Alta River - Registration will be opened the 2nd of January

The registration will be opened the 2nd of January 2017 and the registration deadline is January 31. 2017.
Please read the application rules in this article and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the registration page.

Trout and salmon fishing in Western Norway

Fishing tours with a tour guide for trout, sea trout and salmon in rivers and lakes or from a fishing boat following the big fish hunting out at sea.
If you don't have fishing equipment with you, we will gear you up with wading pants, inflatable life vests and fishing licenses, a rod and line and everything an angler needs to meet the fish on the Norwegian West Coast.

county: Sogn og Fjordane -- municipality: Fjalir

Flekke River
Flekke River
Huseklepp in “Harefossen”. Photo: Mr. Bjørn Sandnes.
June 1`st – August 31`st. Reported catches tend to peak between June 1`st and July 15`th, provided sufficient water level, but also on low river there can be good fishing if the water temperature is low. The predominant catch of sea trout, is out of Zone 1, and the lower lakes in early August.

Forecast for Flekke River
Golden moments! Photo: Bjørn Sandnes.
Golden moments! Photo: Bjørn Sandnes.

Golden moments under the waterfall Harefossen

Trolls are literary breathing down my neck at the sight of multiple great salmons flashing their backs as they enter the “Troll-pool” under the foaming waters of “Harefossen”. The first groups of early salmons headed for their spawning rendezvous in the River Flekke. Side by side they stack up under the mountain wall, before they finally spread out on the spawning grounds to full fill their wedding tasks later in September. But far from all salmons manage to fulfil this noble peak of their life cycle, desired for as they are, namely by sporting anglers like myself. Luckily some of us practice catch and release. Upon thinking this, a major salmon rise and snatches my fly. I manage to release the loop, and erect the rod. It’s a strike! A sensation of shivers and frost chills down the spine. The humming of the waters and the cooling winds from the falls exhilarates these golden moments. And after the fight, the great salmon lies dead in majestic beauty amongst wild flowers and bjorks, carrying my “Blue Charm” fly on its lip.
Harefossen is the last resort on the Flekke River migrating route. The pool itself is fished from both sides. On the river side merging with the county road, the salmon is facing downwards, against the backwash from the waterfall. One second hotspot is at the edge of the pool outlet. The outlet is fishable from both sides.

The local acquaintance of Fishing-Norway

. Mr. Bjarne Huseklepp prefers fly fishing, and ties both classics and modern tube flies. But he also practices spoon fishing when required by the conditions of the river. On such occasions he use a spoon called “Bergheimsluken”, that he produce himself in his home based workshop. But for the most part, Mr. Huseklepp is engaged in composing and fishing with his self made flies. One of his favourites is named after the waterfall, and this little marvel landed no fewer than six salmons during the season of 2006. The biggest one of these weighed in at 9 kilos.
Should you ever be so lucky as to arrive in River Flekke, you must never hesitate to seek contact with Mr. Bjarne Huseklepp. His kind advice is one you shouldn’t miss before you get started in this magnificent river.

Dreaming of the perfect fishing ground. Just as certain as the migrating salmons will return for their wedding at the spawning grounds of Flekke River, equally certain is the fact that Mr. Ole Kjelsnes will appear at the river banks at exactly this time every single year. Mr Kjelsnes and his son Trond, fell in love with this river 16 years ago. Trond got a strike on his first throw, followed by a successful “by the book” landing. Fewer places will provide such an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace, combined with a good chance of landing a salmon. You will blend into nature, and become a part of it, mesmerized by the abundant animal life and the fruit full green environment. One morning a crown stagger crossed the river just by the pool at “Harefossen”. An awe inspiring sight, narrates Mr. Kjelsnes. He can not fully compliment the social environment and friendship amongst the fellow fishermen in the river. Here is a free flow of “secrets” on how to lure the salmon into striking. Everything from where the fish is currently located and how to best present the fly. Should you be so luck to hook a salmon, there will be plenty of help and support during landing of fish, without that sensation of intrusion. Priceless moments in the wild! Photo:  Eivind Fossheim
Priceless moments in the wild! Photo: Eivind Fossheim

Flekke River is very sensible to sufficient water supply, but should the temperature be right, the salmon will strike regardless. The Flekke salmons arrive early, so the river is well fishable for the opening night June 1`st. But as most sports fishermen knows, there are also days where the river seems dead. At such occasions, Mr. Ole Kjelsnes rents a boat and go trolling for salmon and sea trout in one of the three lakes below “Harefossen”. These are excellent fishing locations for families with children who lacks patience for standing in the river all day. Mr. Kjelsnes has parked his camper on a field belonging to Mr. Ola Loneland. He is a local fly fishing “old timer” , and is also selling permits. Mr. Loneland is in constant possession of fresh news on fishing and catching status of the river. This is one location where happy and less happy fishermen meet to exchange experiences.

Strong and substantial salmon population

River Flekke consist of the salmon carrying portion of the greater river called “Guddalsvassdraget”, and is made up of the river portion between “Harefossen” and the sea. Some years ago the salmon was nearly extinct from acid rain, and extensive treatment was initiated, everything from chalking cultivating of spawning grounds and planting of an annual amount of 330 000 eggs and smolts. Today the population is safe and strong and the river is again self upholding in production. Hence the River Flekke is yet again one of the most attractive salmon rivers on the west coast , with a substantial population of well fed and powerful fish. By the opening in June, the salmon is heavily flocked up in the river delta, eager to enter further into the streams. Ola Kjell Loneland by his private salmon pool. Photo: Eivind Fossheim.
Ola Kjell Loneland by his private salmon pool. Photo: Eivind Fossheim.

Landed his first salmon at the age of 10!

Part owner, Mr. Ola Kjell Loneland sells permits for Zone II. He has his own private river portion passing his farm, where he has been fishing since he was a youngster. Already at the age of 10, he caught his first major salmon, on a spoon called Kleppesluken.

Kleppesluken og Bergheimssluken(under), 2 favorite spoons in Flekke River. Photo: Eivind Fossheim

Nobody was even allowed to touch his fishing rod. He got to land it all by himself. Ever since he has been present at the premiere night. Four years ago he landed the first salmon only 10 seconds past midnight. 2002 season it took as long as one minute, using a “Rock Fly”, composed by Mr. Bjarne Huseklepp. The salmon weighed 7,2 kilos and was landed at a location called “Stroka”, which is just above “Bøhølen”, a pond called “Bø”

Fløfossen”- the first stop site of the migrating salmon

Flofossen,zone 1.Photo:Eivind Fossheim

River Flekke in “Guddalsvassdraget”, merge with the Fjord called “Flekkefjorden” through a minor waterfall called “Fløfossen”. This is the starting point of zone I. Below the bridge is a free zone, fishable from both sides. This is a brackish zone, where seawater blend with the river water pending on tide. In addition to strays of salmons and sea trout on the way up the river, you run the chance of hooking saltwater fish in these waters.
Below the “Fløfossen”, namely called the “Tidal Falls”, migrating fish find their first resting grounds on its ways from the sea. Consequently this is a highly attractive site at opening night. This tidal fall can house two fishermen on the river side called “Flekke”. One in the pool inlet and one in the outlet. In addition the pond can house one fisherman on opposite river bank called “Solheimsiden”. On the outlet bank of the small lake above the fall is also room for one fisherman.

Trollefossen - a waterfall of trolls.

From here the salmon pass through the 300m long lake called “Fløsjøen”, and up to the waterfall “Trollefossen”. The mid river canal under the bridge normally hosts a couple of fine salmons, but the problem from the “Flekke” riverbank is to find a good landing spot.

Harald Haugland on the bridge between Trollefossen and and Kulpen. He is a cabin owner at the south side, but according to the proprietor he has no judicial fishing rights, as Mr. Haugland himself claims. Photo: Mr. Eivind Fossheim.


Above the bridge, by Mr. Hauglands cabin, is the location called “Kulpen” or “The Pond”. It is best fishable from the rocks on the “Flekke” riverbank.


Above “Kulpen” lays a location called “Mellomreset”, a fantastic fishing location, both for baiting, spooning and flying. Specially the edge of the outlet is a notorious strike location.

Mellomreset, zone 2. Photo: Eivind Fossheim.

Øvre Reset and “Rennestraumsvatnet

Above the waterfall, on Øvre Reset, at the outlet of the 500m long lake called Rennestraumsvatnet, is also a good fishing location. After having passed the lake, the salmon enters Stroka, a fine stretch between Rennestraumsvatnet and the two km long lake called Breivatnet.

Private cabin with fishing permit, on the north side of Hellebustfossen

Located at the inlet of lake “Breivatnet”, is the waterfall called “Hellebustfossen”. It is well fishable on the brink and in the pool. The north side is private, but permits are available at request from:
Bjarne Hellebust,Flekke, N-6968, Norway, Phn + 47 57735728 / + 47 99626175 He also accommodates a cabin by the river.

The location “Stroka- Rennestraumen”

The location “Stroka”, between the lake “Rennestraumsvatn” and the lake “Breivatn”. The permit allows for fishing at both sides of the river.
Jalmar Fugle, rents out his private stretch directly to fisherman. The entire south stretch between lake “Fløvatnet” and lake “Rennestraumsvatnet” is the sole property of Mr. Jalmar Fugle:
Please write or call: Mr. Jalmar Fugle 6843 Skei I Jølster Norway Phn + 47 57728231 / + 47 90622190


Apart from the private stretches of Mr. Joar Fugle and Mr. Bjarte Hellebust, the major part of River Flekke is organized and publicly available for fishing through “Flekke and Guddal Grunneierlag”, a constellation of proprietary selling permits for zones I and II and for the lakes. The crown jewel of the river, “Hellebustfossen” is also covered in these permits. The pool is fishable from the “Solheimssiden” bank, down stream of the bridge and all the way to the lake. A luring place is the profound current running alongside the rocks under the fall. From these rocks you virtually control the whole pool with spoon casting, while you work the closer currents with the fly. If the water level permits you to enter the small island at the outlet of the pool, you will be finding yourself in one of the absolute best flying positions in “Stroka”, allowing you to control the major stream and the inlet to the pool.

Hellebustfossen. photo: Eivind Fossheim.

Above the waterfall lies the 3 km long lake “Hovlandsvatnet”. At the inlet is a separated boating zone, holding two permits for NOK150 pr. day. The four successive lakes “Fløsjøen”, “Rennestraumsvatnet”, “Breivatnet” and “Hovlandsvatnet” all have separate permits for NOK40 pr.day, NOK150 pr.week, and NOK400 pr.season. Boat rentals are available, and many salmons and trout are taken this way each year, by trolling from boat, or by casting from the shores. Mr. Terje Dahle is an experienced fisherman who utilize long two hand rods and big flies trolling from boat in the lake “Hovlandsvatnet”.

Boat rentals

The lake Rennestraumsvatnet:
Mr. Artur Bande, 6968 Flekke, Norway, Phone +47 57735748.
Mr. Martin Øverås, 6968 Flekke, Norway, Phn +47 57737517
Eikeskand Hytter, Attention Mr. Helge Flekke, 6968 Flekke, Norway, Phn +47 57735789, jundeland@tele2.net
The lake ”Breivatnet” Mr. Arthur Bande, 6968 Flekke, Norway, Phn +47 57 73 57 48 Mr. Martin Øverås, Phn +47 57 73 75 17
The lake Hovlandsvatnet:
Mr.Joar Espedal, 6968 Flekke, Norway, Phn + 47 57 73 86 36
Mr. Ola Kjell Loneland, 6968 Flekke, Norway, +47 57 73 86 34
Mr. John Harry Hovland, 6968 Flekke, Norway, + 47 57 73 86 31
Mr. Harald Samdal, 6968 Flekke, Norway, +47 57 73 86 28
Mr. Hildur Hovlandsdal, 6968 Flekke, Norway, + 47 57 73 86 27
Mrs. Inger Hovlandsdal, 6968 Flekke, Norway, + 47 57 73 86 54
Mrs. Ragnhild Hovlandsdal, 6968 Flekke, Norway, + 47 57 73 86 62
Mr. Jarle Hovlandsdal, 6968 Flekke, Norway, + 47 57 73 86 43

Marvellous pools and streams also in zone 2

From the boat zone in lake “Hovlandsvatnet” you enter zone II. First stop is a pool called “Hellarhølen”, or “Bruhølen” as it is also called locally. The river proceed through several nice ponds “Sagehøen”, “Bøhølen”, a new stretch called “Stroka”, before entering the pool called “Storekasthølen” which is the best spawning location in the whole river. At the end of the season, this is where the major portion of the bigger salmons will be. Proceeding from here, the river goes upstream to upper and lower “Atterberhølen” and further to “Frauhølen”, which is also a good spawning location. From the pool “Frauhølen”, there is some nice rapids up to “Grunnehølen”, and from here a new section of rapids until the final destination at the water fall “Harefossen”.

The salmon is normally close to the river bank.

The Flekke River salmon is famous for locating close to the river bank. It is therefore important to approach each location with great care. Most people who return empty handed normally have themselves to blame in this respect. There are some inexperienced fishermen who will plum into the middle of the river before even starting to fish. If you are spotted by the salmon, it will close its beak, and find safer grounds beyond your reach. This is a fact in this river, as in most other small Norwegian rivers.
Too many loose bigger salmons as result of undersized gear. Mr. Bjarne Huseklepp prefers two hand rods and big flies, alternatively a powerful 10ft rod should he use smaller flies or at low waters. At normal waters you should at least use a leader capable of salmon above 10 kilos.

Movable fishing

All fishing in the river is movable and alternate. You can stand no longer than one hour on each spot. Common practice in Norwegian rivers is to always begin a stretch at the maximum upstream point of the zone, and gradually fish downstream, following those moving in front of you. There is an obligatory catch report on each permit. A deposit of NOK50 follows each permit. Each catch is subjected to shell sampling, which is the obligation of the fisherman. Sampling envelopes is distributed at site.

Home made tube flies from hair

Some fine salmon streams. Photo: Mr. Eivind Fossheim.

Mr. Magne Hoff and Mr. Frank Vallestad from Viksdalen in Sunnfjord has been present at the premiere night for the last seven years. They prefer the stretches of zone II between ”Harefossen” and the lake “Hovlandsvatnet”. When Frank and Magne pulls their 15-16ft rods, they normally use a tube fly called “Kobben” composed by Mr. Sigmun Feten in Vetlefjord.

They also compose their own patterns, the two fishing buddies each caught a 7 kilo salmon at dawn on premiere night. Magne got his salmon at first casting attempt in the pool“Atterbøhølen”, and Frank got his few minutes later in the pool “Sagehølen”.

Catch record

1995: 189 kilo salmon (6,3) and 11 kilo sea trout (1)
1996: 231 kilo salmon (4,1) and 79 kilo sea trout (0,6)
1997: 290 kilo salmon (3,7) and 5 kilo sea trout (0,6)
1998: 488 kilo salmon (3,6 ) and 102 kilo and sea trout ( 0,7)
1999: 546 kilo salmon (4,5) and 48 kilo sea trout (0,6)
2000: 65 smaller salmon, 52 medium salmon and 29 great salmon, which mounts to 146 salmon weighing in at 667 kilo. In addition was caught 26 sea trout at 26 kilo.
2001: 617 kilo salmon (3,9) and 28 kilo sea trout (0,9)
2002: 492 kilo salmon (113 )and 89 kilo sea trout (122 )
2003: 268 salmon at 1101 kilo and 68 sea trout at 68 kilo.
2004: 137 salmon at 707 kilo and 109 sea trout at 72 kilo.
2005: 315 salmon at 1329 kilo and 96 sea trout at 67 kilo.
2006: 308 salmon at 1231 kilo and 51 sea trout 36 kilo.
2007: 205 salmon at 928 kilo and 55 seatrout at 45 kilo,

Be patient!

Super fishing in zone I. Photo: Mr. Øyvind Stamneshagen.

Eivind Fossheim of “Fishing Norway”, and the rest of the other 10 anglers fishing in zone I left their posts at 03.00am, the river seemingly lifeless. They wanted to catch up on some sleep and prepare themselves for the next morning session. Not a single fish had shown interest in their gear, apart from a few hypothetical strikes that was blamed on the otters. In addition the water temperature was only six degrees Celsius. But Mr. Øyvind Stamneshagen was still vital and keen, convinced that this was going to be his lucky night. No more than 20 minutes after the others was sleeping in their comfortable beds, he experienced a fantastic fishing, and landed four salmons in a couple of hours. This triggered the rest of the guys, and during that following night 24 salmons were landed in this zone alone. At dusk the first salmons were landed in zone 2.

Håkon J.Huseklepp salmon 7 and 9 kilo. 1.6.2007. Photo: Terje Dahle.

Fishing permits

Zone I:
Zone I consist of the stretch from the sea and up to “Hellebustfossen”. Permits are sold for 11 rods at NOK200 pr.day, NOK940 pr.week, and NOK2000 pr.season.
Zone 2
Zone 2 consist of the stretch from the lake “Hovlandsvatnet” up to “Harefossen”. Permits are sold for 10 rods at NOK 200 pr.day. In addition come the private stretches of Mr. Bjarte Hellebust and Mr. Jarle Fugle, who dispose their proprietary rights for direct renting.

Ole Kjelsnes(left)salmon 11,2 kilo, Terje Øksenberg (7 and 4 kilo) zone 2 1.6.2007. Photo Håkon Huseklepp

Catch reports

All catch reports must be delivered or sent to:
Mr. Knut David Hustveit, 6968 Flekke, Norway.
At purchase of each permit is due a NOK50 deposit, which will be refunded upon the delivery of the catch report. All fishermen is obliged to take shell samples from all fish. Separate envelopes are developed and distributed for this task, and all samples are delivered at a special box, designed for this purpose alone, located in Flekke.

Permit Lottery

80% of the permits on the three opening days are distributed by means of lottery. Pre-booking of permits for zone 2: Mr. Ola Kjell Loneland, phone + 47 57 73 86 34 / + 47 94 5707 72.
Pre-booking of permits for Zone 1: Mr. Knut David Hustveit, 6968 Flekke, phone + 47 57 73 57 66 / + 47 57 76 80 44 / + 47 915 72 217.
Fishing permits for the remaining season for zone I and II is sold from Joker Butikken, a local grocery shop in Flekke. Phone + 47 57771135


Guides and advisories:
Please feel free to contact:
Mr.Ola Kjell Loneland, phone + 47 57 73 86 34 / + 47 94 57 07 72.
Mr. Knut David Hustveit, phone + 47 57 73 57 66 / + 47 57 76 80 44 / 91 57 22 17.
Mr. Bjarne Huseklepp, phone + 47 47 60 62 40 / + 47 57 73 88 54 / + 47 57 73 88 38. bjarne.huseklepp@enivest.net

Harefossen-flies designed by Bjarne Huseklepp.

Accomodation and various information:

Bjarte Hellebust

tel: + 47 99 62 61 75 / + 47 57 73 57 28

D/S Ekspedisjonen - Fjalir
tel + 47 41 62 16 36

Yndestad Feriehus
tel + 47 99 29 98 97 / + 47 57 73 88 67
Yndestad Feriehus

Dale Kro og Motell
tel + 47 57 73 68 66 / + 47 95 13 18 28 / + 47 91 61 74 21
Dale Kro og Motell

tel + 47 57 73 90 20 / + 47 57 73 66 67 / + 47 995 48 767

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