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Sunnfjord is one of the best all round fishing spots in Norway. Here is one of our best offers. Go with me for fishing salmon in one of the best rivers in the fjord district and to the best brown trout river with catch guaranty in Europe.

Fishing tours in Sunnfjord 2017

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The registration will be opened the 2nd of January 2017 and the registration deadline is January 31. 2017.
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Trout and salmon fishing in Western Norway

Fishing tours with a tour guide for trout, sea trout and salmon in rivers and lakes or from a fishing boat following the big fish hunting out at sea.
If you don't have fishing equipment with you, we will gear you up with wading pants, inflatable life vests and fishing licenses, a rod and line and everything an angler needs to meet the fish on the Norwegian West Coast.

county: Finnmark -- municipality: Kvalsund / Hammerfest

Repparfjordelva / Repparfjord River 2010
Repparfjordelva / Repparfjord River 2010
The Repparfjord River contains fantastic stretches for fly fishing.
15`Th of June – 31`st of August. In addition char may be caught below Repparfjord Bridge until the 15`Th of September. All salmon caught in September must be released.
Fishing rules in English

The Monster Salmon of Repparfjord River, cruising the surface at dusk

With its Monster Salmon, and its highly vibrant population of big salmon, the Repparfjord River is on Fishing Norway’s top 20 list amongst highly recommendable rivers in Norway. “Have we seen the Monster Salmon?” Mr. Hans Mathias Ellingsen from Hammerfest is reluctant to answer. The Repparfjord River is his paradise. He has been fishing her for 30 years, and has landed 11 salmons up to 5 kg this summer. Mr. Hans Mathias Ellingsen, left, and Mr. Arne Rennedal.
Mr. Hans Mathias Ellingsen, left, and Mr. Arne Rennedal.
Mr Ellingsen is glimpsing carefully towards fishing buddy Mr. Arne Rennedal, who has come to Repparfjord all the way from Svalbard to lure the big salmons.
- No we haven’t seen it, but there’s supposed to be a large one in the pond called Stuekulpen. Those who has seen it cruising the surface at dusk claims it 25-30kg.
-They say it has a large white spot, Mr Rennedal emphasize…. - I wouldn’t mind luring it onto one of my flies!

Mosquito and gnat

We are seated by the extinguished fire, next to idyllic Telegrafkulpen, about 30km upstream in Repparfjord River. The remains of a beautiful sunset are bathing the scenery in red and blue purple. Even though the sun is not above the horizon all night long anymore, it is still light all night through. Most of the mosquito and gnat is gone, but those few that refuse to give in, are ever more persistent it seems, and we give ourselves some good dashing of repellent.
Like so many others, Mr Mathias had an incredible season in the river. Mr.Mathias is one of the veterans of West Finnmark Hunting and Fishing Association, which is the local caretaker of the river. For Mr. Mathias the river and the salmons and the char, has become a vital part of his life. He can’t imagine a summer without fishing this river.

Pure fly fishing paradise

Those fishing with single hand rods will find the best spots upstream of the Telegrafkulpen pond. There are numerous stretches rich on char and small salmon. Downstream of Telegrafkulpen, the river is better suited for two hand fishing. The locations are fantastic and numerous. Among them the pond called Stuekulpen, where the notorious Monster Salmon is holding its ground.
- What is your favourite bait in task of tricking the Monster Salmon and the other big salmons of Repparfjord?
-Green Highlander is one of them.
Mr Mathias has also designed his own fly that is one of the favourite flies in the river. He calls it Midnight Gold, double hook nr.6, with black body, silver rib, blue and green feather and squirrel hair. (Blue and green variations seem to be an all-round good pattern in Norwegian salmon rivers). Another popular pattern is Mr. Erling Sand’s beauty called “Fast Fisk” (or “Striiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike” as the French says.) It fish well all the way down to size 14!

Mr. Thomas Møllmann with the record salmon of the 2005 season.
Mr. Thomas Møllmann with the record salmon of the 2005 season.

Midnight Gold

Mr. Mathias record salmon is a 14,3 kg beast, caught on a self made treble hooked Midnight Gold size nr.6. This summer he has landed 11 salmons, the biggest one at 5 kg. He got it down in “Myggheim”. The fishing cabins of the caretaker, are named after insects and birds, all dependant upon where they are scattered about.

The River is crowded with river guards

Repparfjord is full of river guards, but surprisingly they have overlooked a tent, illegally settled by the Telegrafkulpen pond. Along the river, there is a tent-free 200 zone. We have to strict the surveillance at the upcoming annual caretaker meeting, Mr. Mahias says.

The best time for fishing?

Mr Mathias has no doubt about this. The best fishing takes place in July. In august, the water level tends to be too low. If You are to have success, You need to fish around the clock. The Monster Salmon is only cruising at dusk. Maybe You will be one of the privileged ones to spot its awesome dorsal fin cutting the waters at Stuekulpen. Mr. Mathias is in no doubt to the facts. Repparfjord River is the best and the most beautiful River in Norway.

Glad Boys

Mr Mathias Ellingsen from Hammerfest, and Mr. Arne Rennedal from Svalbard, has some doubts about the fly of choice for the evening. Maybe, as so many other nights, the choice will be a Green Highlander. For out there in the dusk, in the deep circling waters of the Stuekulpen, a monster salmon is waiting for exactly that special fly.

Splendid river for fly fishing

Repparfjord River is surely one of the nicest rivers in Norway, both fishing wise and in terms of scenic beauty. The river has a total of 75 km highly fishable river stretch, made up by four converging rivers. Repparfjord River flows from Sennalandet highlands, and down to Repparfjord. The total river system, also contain Skaidi River and lake Storvatnet famous for its population of sea char.

Fantastic stretches

From the sea and 18 km upstream, there is a nice mix of pools, shallow streams and minor rapids. Then You start meeting bigger ponds, and approximately 20 km upstream, there is a 4 km stretch of rapids. Then it is a stretch of great pools up to the waterfall Aissaroivvefossen, 27 km from the sea. Climbing the ladders here, the salmon wander up to River Nagjephnva, Vuggeneselva and Navgastakelva. A total river stretch of 48 km, with a a lot of good fishing spots.

10 kg salmons are regular

10 kg salmons are regular size in this river, but some large 15-20kg beasts are also present each year. The record salmon is 23,9kg. These are the record salmons caught previous seasons:
2002: Mr. Knut Enoksen 16,1 kg

2003: Mr. Johnny Sivertsen 16,3 kg
2004: Mr. Rolf Bendiksen 16,3 kg.
2005: Mr Thomas Møllmann 17,0 kg.
2006: Mr. Atle Reidar Fredriksen 15,3 kg.
2009: Mr. Tor Johnny Sivertsen 23,9 kg. 10.07.2009

Green Highlander!

Local contacts person of Fishing Norway, Mr. Geir Ove Trondsen, Phn +47 91695095, is easily encountered in the local Intersport shop in Hamerfest City. He can provide the best flies for Repparfjord River, specially his own modified version of the Green Highlander. Mr. Trondsen also gives invaluable advice on fishing this fantastic river.
He characterizes the blue and the green zones as the best ones. He emphasize that the green zone is also the most popular to foreigners, because it is a longer stretch, at which the catch records seems to be higher.
Mr. Trondsen is of the opinion that the salmons arrive later each year, and that the best fishing now takes part in end of July and beginning of August. The first salmons are on the river already in May, but the season opens the 24`th of June. The salmons takes their time arriving at Aissaroivvefossen, and are normally not spotted there before 10`th of July.

The Big Salmon may stand along shore at flooding!

On high waters, the big salmons normally make their way in the calmer current along the shore. The Repparfjord River might be powerful during flooding, and you must sometimes be prepared to run a long way in order to secure Your catch. Many anglers use 0,60 mm line when baiting. Don’t fish with fine gear and fine tips on Your fly leader. The big Repparfjord salmon will test Your gear to the limit. The plenty shallow grounds and the transparent waters claim skills on the part of the fishermen.

Skaidi River

Skaidi River, merge with Repparfjord River at Skaidi, a local fishing merging point. From Skaidi the salmons migrate 6 km up to the waterfall Skaidifossen. The river is quite fast, but there are some nice pools to be found. Some salmons manage to trespass the waterfall and proceed to lake Skaidivannet, 21km further upstream. The salmons hit the River Skaidi in June, but the best fishing takes place in July. New record 23,9 kg.10.07.2009: Tor Johnny Sivertsen. Photo:Espen ØrudF
New record 23,9 kg.10.07.2009: Tor Johnny Sivertsen. Photo:Espen ØrudF


West Finnmark Hunting and Fishing Association is the local caretaker of the river. On their website www.vfjff.no you can find more information. Please note that everyone must document disinfection of gear prior to purchase of permits. The River guards is available for help at + 47 92 02 07 53, if You have any questions.

Fishing Rules

Fishing with spoon, spinner, wobblers or live bait, is not allowed after 10`th of July. From the 10`th of July to 5`th of August fishing is prohibited on the north side of the river between the power line 250 m below Repparfjord Bridge and 200m downstream to the telephone post at the headland sticking out at the end of the rapids from Pool Hestekulpen. There is also a 30 m permanent stretch of prohibition at the north side of the river by Knottheim.

Hunch -Back Salmon!

In Repparfjord River, as in many other rivers of Finnmark, some species of hunch-back salmons are caught each year. The hunch-back is also called “Russian salmon”, a salmon actually originating from the Pacific Ocean, and that reach the size of 5-6 kg in Alaska.

Catch records

1995: incl/ Skaidijohka: 6387 kg salmon (2) and 12 kg seatrout/seachar (0,6)
1996: incl/ Skaidijohka: 4173 kg salmon (2,3) and 48 kg seatrout/seachar (1,1)
1997: 2398 salmon at 4841 kg, 14 seachar at 12 kg and 35 seachar at 24 kg
1998: incl/ Skaidijohka: 4759 kg salmon (2) and 42 kg seatrout/seachar)
1999: incl/ Skaidijohka: 3983 kg salmon (2,3) and 40 kg seatrout/seachar (0,7)
2000: 6606 kg salmon (2,6) and 67 kg seatrout/seachar (0,8)
2001: incl/Skaidijohka 5982 kg salmon (3,1), 26 kg seatrout and 23 kg seachar.
2002: 4984 kg salmon (3,3) and 184 kg seatrout/seachar (0,9)
2003: 2454 salmon at 6005 kg, 119 seatrout at 97,1 kg and 163 seachar at 105 kg.
2004: 1584 salmon at 3618,1 kg, 89 seatrout at 83,3 kg and 135 seachar at 94,5 kg.
2005: 3195 salmon at 6575 kg and 383,7 kg seatrout and seachar.
2006: 4211 salmon at 9365, 271 seatrout at 191 kg and 71 seachar at 64 kg.
The 2006 season was a record season. A total of 4211 salmons at 9400kg were brought ashore. That is 3000kg more than previous season.
2007: 2866 salmon at 6891 kg. an 94 seatrout at 73 kg and 38 seachar at 31 kg.
2008: 3619 salmon at 9566 kg and 69 seatrout/seachar at 59 kg.
2009: 7400 kg salmon.


Season permit. NOK 695.
Daily permit for members NOK 70.
Juveniles under 16yrs. NOK35.
Fishermen living in Finnmark. NOK105 pr. day
Norwegian citizens NOK 140 pr. day
Foreigners NOK 280 pr. day

Permits can be obtained at G-Sport, Intersport, and Kleven Jakt og Fiske.

Season permits are sold at Repparfjord Juvenile Centre.

A limited amount of permits are sold by lottery at Repparfjord Juvenile Centre. The lottery commence each day at 1630. hrs, and the river are open from 1800 to 1800 next day.

Repparfjord River is divided in 5 zones. In addition to Skaidi River that is a separate Zone

The best part of the river is the blue zone. It stretches from the sea and up to Nedre Mansika. 7 permits are sold for this river portion.
The red zone starts from Nedre Mannsika and up to the conversion from Doggi. 10 permits are sold for this portion.
The green zone stretches from Doggi to the prohibition zone at the waterfall. 20 permits are sold for this portion.
The brown zone stretch from Kroken, at the rock, and up to the prohibition zone at the waterfall. 10 permits are sold here.
Yellow zone stretches from the waterfall and into the highlands, Sennalandet. 20 permits are sold here. River Skaidi, goes from Skaidi, and run through the Skaidi valley pass. 8 permits are sold here every day.

Accommodation / Service

Stabbursdalen Feriesenter phn + 47 78 46 47 60 / + 47 950 31 959 / + 47 466 61 015.
Gargo Camping, 9620 Kvalsund, phn + 47 78 41 52 28.

Car rental:

Lakselv Bruktbilutleie.
Avis Bilutleie, Lakselv, phn + 47 917 71 440.
Hertz Bilutleie, at the Bus station, in Lakselv, phn + 47 78 46 17 80


State caretaker Mr. Morten Johansen, phn + 47 78 95 03 60 / + 47 78 95 03 00. email: moj@fmfi.no

Repparfjordelva: www.vfjff.no

Finnmark jordsalgskontor v/ utmarkskonsulent Mr. Jim-Einar Roska Phn: + 47 78 95 50 08 / + 47 90 50 33 29

Mr. Jan Holmgren, phn + 47 78 98 35 07.
Mr. John Helge Nilsen, phn + 47 78 41 52 57

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