Sunnfjord - the fishing adventure high spot in Norway

Sunnfjord is one of the best all round fishing spots in Norway. Here is one of our best offers. Go with me for fishing salmon in one of the best rivers in the fjord district and to the best brown trout river with catch guaranty in Europe.

Fishing tours in Sunnfjord 2017

Full day excursion with professional fishing guide in Europe’s richest watercourse for trout, - the Jölstra river, the Jölstra lake and mountain lakes at the foot of the glacier Jostedalsbreen. Price per person NOK 900,- at a minimum of 2 persons. The price includes fishinglicense, use of waders, life vest and all other necessary equipment. You will also learn how to clean and fillet the fish – ready to panfry. Cach warranty.

Alta River - Registration will be opened the 2nd of January

The registration will be opened the 2nd of January 2017 and the registration deadline is January 31. 2017.
Please read the application rules in this article and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the registration page.

Trout and salmon fishing in Western Norway

Fishing tours with a tour guide for trout, sea trout and salmon in rivers and lakes or from a fishing boat following the big fish hunting out at sea.
If you don't have fishing equipment with you, we will gear you up with wading pants, inflatable life vests and fishing licenses, a rod and line and everything an angler needs to meet the fish on the Norwegian West Coast.

county: Finnmark -- municipality: Gamvik

Laggo / Langfjordelva
Laggo / Langfjordelva
Looking for jumping salmon. Photo: Eivind Fossheim.

Fishing Periods:

June 15`th-August 31`st. Extended fishing allowance until September 14`th in the lakes. Wild Salmon caught after August 17`th must be released. Angling with spoon, spinner, wobblers, and weighted bait is not allowed after July 10`th. Un-weighted baiting is allowed until August 10`th. After July 10`th, only fly fishing is allowed from the suspension bridge at Storfossen and 100m downstream. No angling equipment wearing more than three single hooks or one triple hook may be used. Some primary salmons enter the Laggo river early in June, while the main quantity of fish arrives by the end of June. The arctic char and the sea trout enter the river in the end of July, but the main migration takes part in the beginning of August. At this time it is best to focus ones efforts in the lower parts of the Laggo river, preferably in the tidal area the last hours before full tide. The catch records seem to peak in July, but the river is sensible to local weather conditions, specially rain, water level and wind.

Weather forecast for Langfjordelva

The arctic salmon paradise for fly fishers

Langfjordelva, or Laggo as it is also called, is a true paradise for sporting anglers, and especially for those inclined to single rod fly fishing. The river has 20 km nice variation of surface and stream quality, ranging from smooth flat to rapid whites, regularly broken down by profound ponds exhibiting exhilarating inlet and outlet possibilities for both dry and wet fly fishing. It is all set towards a splendid scenery of arctic nature bathed in midnight sunlight. Merely walking along this beautiful river is worth the trip. For the wildlife enthusiast, a variety of animals and birds might be seen alongside the river, ranging from bear to exotic arctic falcons. Please reuse established camping sites and fireplaces, to protect the fragile arctic nature. The Laggo river scenery invites for plenty social relations with good friends and the friendly local river guards. Henry Johansen (right),Willy Trehag  and Siri Bones. Photo: Fossheim
Henry Johansen (right),Willy Trehag and Siri Bones. Photo: Fossheim


Laggo - outlet

There is no road connection to the river. Laggo may be reached by boat, M/S Tanahorn departing from Skjånes at the Nordkyn peninsula (50min). A local boat also leaves from Smalfjord in Tana (2 hours). Be aware, check timetables! You may also reach the Laggo river on foot, taking the trail from the resting place at county road 888 to Bækkarfjord. This trail will take you to the cabin of the local fishing guards at Storfossen. It is a fine walk at about 1,5 hours.
From the docs it is possible to catch a ride with the locals, on four wheel bikes, up the first 3 km of the river, where the water runs quite flat.

Take a chat with the river guards

It might be clever to pay a visit at the guarding cabin, proximally 1 km above the river outlet. These experienced and friendly local guards (Tore Gustav Sjøveian) are always helpful and willing to give away their best tips as to fishing places, equipment, fly patterns and quantities of fish currently on the river. Fishing permits might also be obtained from them.

Exiting river

The tide influence the lower 2 km of river flats. This is followed by some initial ponds and gentle white waters, before you enter the Nicolai waterfalls with a decline of 1m. The Myreng pond, located between the guarding cabin and the Nicolai waterfalls is also a fine fishing location. The river then continuous to run slow until You arrive at Storfossen.(The big waterfall), approximately 12 km upstream from the outlet. Storfossen is a steep 3m waterfall. Here is also located the cabin of the river guards on the upper parts of the river. The trail from county road 888 to Bækkarfjord also merge at this location.

Crisp clear water, but mudded on flooding

Above Storfoss, runs a marvellous 300m stretch of ponds and rapids, ending upstream at Midtre Foss (Middle waterfall), with a 2,5m decline. Above Midtre Foss is another 3 km of fantastic fishing, with exhilarating mixes of rapids, good fishable white water, and tempting ponds. Many feel that the excellent spawning grounds in these upper parts of the river are also the best fishing grounds. The Laggo is a crisp clear river, but during flood it will turn slightly brownish.


Except from the Jensen Pond, the whole fishable stretch of river Laggo is under the jurisdiction of Finnmarkseiendommen, which in turn rents its interests to Gamvik Hunting and Fishing Association, who is the caretaker of the river and administer an unlimited amount of fishing permits on the behalf of its proprietary.
Gamvik Hunting and Fishing Association. Tore Hammari Hamnesv. 12 N-9770 Mehamn Phn +47 78497448 / +47 41668756 / + 47 95929826.torehammari@pcpost.no

River guard for the lower parts of the river:

Tore Gustav Sjøveian Strandvegen 95 9790 Kjøllefjord Phn + 47 92 41 96 94.

River guard for the upper parts of the river:

Finn Ivar Ramsvik Breidablikk veien 3A 9770 Mehamn phn +47 47247957 / +47 97641151

The Jensen pond!

The Jensen Pond, is a stretch of 150m belonging to the farm of Carl Jensen. Fishing on this stretch requires individual fishing permit, sold by Carl Jensen at site, where he also rent out various rooms, shelters and tents for fishermen.
Carl Jensen Laggo 9773 Nervei Phn +47 78497615 / +47 95209330

More Information.( The following is an address):

Fiskeforvalter, Mr Sturla Brørs (County Caretaker of fishery), Fylkesmannen I Finnmark ( Local Governing body of Finnmark) Miljøvernavdelinga (Department of Environmental Issues.) Statens Hus 9815 Vadsø Norway Phn +47 78950360 Fax +47 78950370 Sturla.brors@fm-fi.stat.no

More information on fishing regulations is to be found at the governmental site of proprietary real estate regarded to hunting, forestry and fishing:

www.statskog.no or by consultation to Statskog Finnmark, office of governmental forestry, Mr. Jim- Einar- Roska, advisor of forestry. Phn +47 78955008 / +47 90503329 Jim.einar.roska@statskog.no

Photo: Finn Ramsvik.

A good social environment for fishermen.

Local guide, Mr Henry Johansen (phn +47 97773574), here seen with Mr. Willy Trehag and Mrs. Siri Bones from Oslo, has been official river guard and active fisherman in Laggo for a period of 30 years. We met him at the guarding cabin by Storfossen. (Where the river merge with the trail form county road 888 to Bækkarfjord.) Located at Storfossen is also an inviting shelter in local native style, called “gapahuk”, where you can find warm dry shelter by an open fire when the rain is pouring down. At the location is also situated an old simple cabin furnished with 3 beds, which can be rented for 100NOK each.

Photo: Finn Ramsvik

Movable fishing

The Langfjordriver (Laggo) is renowned for its professional fishermen’s attitude, where each fisher takes responsibility to move while fishing, allowing for a circulative pattern of fishery in the river. This is especially important when several fishermen are in place at one stretch. For those not acquaintanced with this form of fishing, it basically means two things: Each new fisherman upon a stretch must enter at the highest point of the zone, fishing himself gradually downstream, following the others already in front. If one is to come in downstream from fishermen already in the river, this must be down sufficiently downstream, preferably in another zone, not related with the established zone of that particular stretch. Local fishermen at site will always be helpful in teaching newcomers to this practice. And remember, if You are in doubt, it is always polite to ask somebody who is already fishing if it is ok for You to enter in downstream of him or her.

The best fishing sites are in the upper parts of the river!

As an experienced fisherman in the upper parts of the river, freshly appointed river guard Mr Finn Ivar Ramsvik, makes no secret about the fact that he is in custody of the best part of the river. For the fly fisher it is a paradise he tells. On the two closing days of the 2006 season, he landed 3 salmons, each weighing in at over 10 kilos.

The salmon migrates further than the upper stairways.

The salmon migrates 16 km to the upper stairways, by the so called Direktorat-hytta (Directory Cabin), which is now in custody of Gamvik Hunting and Fishing Association, and is open for all by passers. But the salmon is obviously bypassing this last obstacle on its migrating rout, for smolts were found so far upstream as Laggohopen during the summer of 2006, which is another 1 km above the stairways at the Directory cabin.


Mr Finn Ivar Ramsvik is using an 11ft. fly rod, floating line and a small fly called “finnmarksflue” or “runeflue”. Both patterns containing green, which seem to catch well in Laggo.

Photo: Finn Ramsvik.

Move like an Indian whilst fishing in Laggo!

Norway’s best and most astonishing salmon river is waiting for YOU. But remember to sneak like an Indian along the river shore whilst fishing. Due to the crispy clearness of the water, you will easily be spotted by the beautiful salmons and choosy chars of this magnificent river.

Photo: Finn Ramsvik

Discriminating permit prices!

Opening hours and duration of each permit is from 18.00 to 18.00 next day. While members of Gamvik Hunting and Fishing Association is paying only 70 NOK pr. permit, Norwegian citizens in general must pay 150NOK pr permit, and foreigners 280NOK pr. permit!
Teenagers under 16 yrs pays only 35NOK pr. permit. There is a deposit of 50NOK on all permits, which will be repaid on the return of the obligatory catch report. Children under the age of 12 are fishing for free, but deposit must be paid also in this case.

Fishing permits:

Fishing permits might be obtained from the river guards or at the following locations:
Bøgeberg Landhandel AS, 9740 Lebesby, phn + 47 78 49 91 09
Arne Persen AS, 9790 Kjøllefjord, phn + 47 78 49 82 10.
Matservice Mehamn AS, Værveien 85, box 219, 9770 Mehamn.
Inges Gatekjøkken, 9770 Mehamn.
Nordkyn Turist Senter As, Strandveien 78, 9775 Gamvik, phn + 47 480 40 820
Mehamn Arctic Hotel AS, 9770 Mehamn, phn + 47 78 49 67 00.
Hurtigbåten M/S «Tanahorn» at the route between Skjånes - Laggo - Smalfjord.

Seachar pool. Photo: Finn Ramsvik.

Catch Allowance:

After July 31`st maximum catch allowance pr. permit is two salmons. Gamvik Hunting and Fishing Association is encouraging each fisherman not to bring up more than 30 salmons and 50 arctic chars pr. season!

St.Niclas waterfall. Photo: Eivind Fossheim.


Mehamn Arctic Hotel AS, 9770 Mehamn, phn + 47 78 49 67 00
Gamvik Guesthouse A/S, 9775 Gamvik, phn + 47 78 49 62 12.
Lorden Kro AS ,9770 Mehamn , phn + 47 78 49 76 60.
Camp 7105 N , 9775 Gamvik, phn + 47 78 49 62 35

Photo: Finn Ramsvik

Catch reports:

1995: 909 kilo salmon ( 2,4) and 68 kilo arctic char (0,7)
1996: 890 kilo salmon (2) and 64 kilo seatrout/arctic char (0,5)
1997: 784 kilo salmon (1,9) and 107 kilo seatrout/arctic char (0,6).
1998: 1580 kilo salmon (1,9) and 139 kilo seatrout/arctic char (0,3)
1999: 2260 kilo salmon (2,2) and 195 kilo seatrout/arctic char (0,6)
2000: 2269 kilo salmon (1,9) and 224 kilo seatrout/arctic char (0,5)
2001: 2141 kilo salmon (3,2) and 5 kilo seatrout and 156 kilo arctic char
2002: 466 salmon at 1468 kilo, 6 seatrout at 5 kilo and 402 arctic chars at 219 kilo.
2003: 833 salmon at 1997 kilo, 25 seatrout at 20 kilo and 342 arctic chars at 212 kilo.
2004: 445 salmon at 1070 kilo, 3 seatrout at 2,5 kilo and 332 arctic chars at 236 kilo.
2005: 28 great-salmons at 226 kilo, 102 medium-salmons at 461 kilo, 696 small-salmons at 1233 kilo, 284 arctic chars at 169 kilo and 22 seatrout at 13 kilos. For the first time the Laggo was closed due to draught and shortage of water.
2006: 2600 kilo salmon. Out of this were 36 great-salmons at 325 kilo, 209 medium-salmon at 893 kilo, and 791 small-salmon at 1369 kilo. It was caught 293 arctic chars at 178 kilo.

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