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Exclusive fishing for ordinary people

Lakselva in Porsanger Finnmark, is one of our most favorite salmon rivers in 2012.
Being good for an annual catch of over 1000 salmons with an average weight of 5,7 kilo and totaling almost 8000 kilos, this is the place where you have the biggest chance to catch your trophy salmon. With a limited sale of fishing permits and a lot of big fishes, this river stands for exclusive salmon fishing for ordinary people.
Lakselv Landowner Society sells 10 day permits for each of the 4 salmon zones. In addition you can buy permits for for the sea zoneand zone 5, or you can rent a pool directly from one of the private landsowners witch is not member of Lakselv Landowner Society. In addition to the permits that are selling for the sea zones and zone 5, some of private landowners sell directly to anglers.
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Steinsfjorden / Tyrifjorden

The best spot in Norway for pike and perch

The Steinsfjord is one of the definitive hotspots on fishing Norway for pike and perch. With its mild eastern Norwegian climate and its central location only half and hour from Oslo by car, and its swelling scenery, the lake is a popular destination for anglers from abroad. Each summer, more than 1000 pikes, and some huge amount of bass (some of which are 60 cm) are caught from the rental boat of Mr. Erling Elsrud alone. Mr. Manual Schrants proudly displays his major catch last year, a long beast measuring 1,25m. However, on the catches of the plenty German and Dutch anglers, 9 out of 10 pikes are released into the lake. ...More

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